M&W Named Insurance Law Litigation Department of the Year for the Fifth Time in Seven Years


The New Jersey Law Journal has named Methfessel & Werbel New Jersey’s top insurance law firm of the year, making the firm a five time winner.more

No firm over the past 48 years has had a greater impact on the development of law affecting insurance carriers in New Jersey.   Hundreds of cases litigated by Methfessel & Werbel have culminated in written opinions at all levels, including trial and appellate courts and the New Jersey Supreme Court.   Read the full press release here.

Case Alert – New Jersey Supreme Court Compels Arbitration of NJLAD Lawsuit Based on Employee’s “Assent” to Mandatory Arbitration


The New Jersey Supreme Court issued an important precedential opinion in the matter of Amy Skuse v. Pfizer, Inc.   A divided Supreme Court reversed the Appellate Division and reinstated the trial court’s order dismissing the case on the basis of the binding arbitration agreement.more

Employers large and small would be well-advised to read the opinion and to confer with counsel regarding the scope and delivery of their mandatory arbitration agreements.  Read the full Case Alert here.

Case Alert – NJ Law Journal Publishes Article by M&W’s Ric Gallin and Eric Harrison


"Alternative Facts" Have No Place in Public Schools: New Jersey Law Journal Publishes Article by M&W’s Ric Gallin and Eric Harrison Regarding Ali v. Woodbridge Board of Education.more

This week’s New Jersey Law Journal features an article by Ric Gallin and Eric Harrison regarding an important precedential opinion in favor of a school district represented by M&W and published by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  Read the full Case Alert here.

M&W Case Alert – State Assembly Testimony from M&W’s Bill Bloom Helps Derail Misguided “Bad Faith” Bill


On January 9, Bill Bloom of M&W testified before the State Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, on behalf of the Insurance Council of New Jersey (ICNJ), regarding a proposed bill.more

The bill - previously passed in the Senate - would create a new “bad faith” cause of action for an insurance carrier’s “unreasonable delay or denial” of a claim, as well as a private cause of action for a violation of the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. Under the bill as proposed, conduct determined unreasonable by a jury could entitle the insured to unspecified consequential damages, attorney’s fees and costs.  Read the full Case Alert here.