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Methfessel & Werbel provides the material on its web pages for information purposes only and not as legal advice. The Firm does not intend to create an attorney-client relationship with you, and you should not assume such a relationship or act on any material from these pages without seeking professional counsel.

Privacy Policy:

Methfessel & Werbel recognizes the importance of your privacy. Thus, the firm has created this privacy policy applicable to the Firm’s Web site.

What Personal Information Does Methfessel & Werbel Collect?

When you visit the public area of Methfessel & Werbel’s Web site, you remain anonymous. To the extent you use e-mail links via the Web site to communicate with the Firm or anyone affiliated with the Firm and provide us with personally identifiable information, however, you will not remain anonymous. Because it is not possible to anticipate every conceivable context in which such information might be provided to us via e-mail, we can provide you no assurance that personally identifiable information you choose to provide to us via e-mail will be maintained as private.

Methfessel & Werbel and/or the host of its Web site uses “cookies.” Cookies are small text files that are placed on a visitor’s computer hard drive that, among other things, allow the Firm and/or the host of its Web site to record how many times a user or computers within a user’s network of computers has visited the Web site, the number of times various pages of the Web site have been accessed and other such information. You may disable receipt of cookies using features of your Web browser that disable or turn off cookies. The Firm does not use cookies to retrieve information that is unrelated to your visit to or your interaction with the Firm’s site.

Methfessel & Werbel collects your Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is a number that is assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. The IP address data that we collect does not contain any personally identifiable information about you and is used to administer our site, to determine the numbers of different visitors to the site and to gather broad demographic data.

The non-personally identifiable data that the Firm collects in these ways is accessible by certain Methfessel & Werbel personnel as well as certain third-party Web site designers. Methfessel & Werbel uses all non-personally identifiable data that it collects internally and together with its Web site designer in order to improve the Firm’s Web site. The information is used, for example, to evaluate what portions of the Web site are more popular than others, to determine from where visitors came to the site, and to determine how many times particular pages of the site were accessed in aggregate. Methfessel & Werbel personnel may use the data to prepare reports regarding Web site activity as part of the process of maintaining and improving the site.

What Steps Does Methfessel & Werbel Take to Protect Your Privacy?

Methfessel & Werbel does not presently provide any personal information collected via its public Web site or the non-public areas maintained on its Web site to other companies, firms or individuals without the permission of those who provided the information. Methfessel & Werbel does not presently collect personally identifiable information via the public area of its Web site except to the extent that such information is provided in unsolicited e-mails (see comments above.)

What are the Privacy Policies of Third-Party Sites to Which Methfessel & Werbel Website Links?

Methfessel & Werbel provides links to third party Web sites that it does not control. Therefore, Methfessel & Werbel urges you to review the privacy policies posted on these third party Web sites at the time you first visit such sites. The Firm undertakes no obligation to review or ensure enforcement or compliance with the privacy policy of any Web site to which it links.

Can Methfessel & Werbel Revise This Privacy Policy?

Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, Methfessel & Werbel may occasionally update this privacy policy. All revisions will be posted to Methfessel & Werbel’s Web site. Methfessel & Werbel urges you to review its Privacy Policy frequently.

What if I Have Questions or Comments About This Privacy Policy?

Methfessel & Werbel welcomes questions and comments about this policy. Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy should be directed to