The Partners at Methfessel & Werbel are recognized by bench and bar alike as leaders in the field of insurance and claims law. Dedicated to providing service at the highest levels, we are available at a moment’s notice for consultation or retention. Our greatest strength is the synergy formed by the combination of our individual talents. We recognize that it is the knowledge base and infrastructure of our organization, rather than the strength of any one individual, which makes us successful. Together we drive the firm to fulfill its mission, delivering services at a value which is unsurpassed.


Those attorneys who have attained the level of Counsel at Methfessel & Werbel are attorneys who have demonstrated and achieved a high level of proficiency and success in the field of insurance and claims. It is here where you will find the future leaders of our firm and our industry. These attorneys contribute a high degree of skill and proficiency to the knowledge base of the organization, allowing us to sustain our reputation as the industry leader in the areas we serve. They also assure the continuity of the firm, providing our clients with the comfort and security of knowing that the commitment demonstrated by M & W’s 30+ years of dedication and service to the claims and insurance industry will continue long into the future.


The associates at Methfessel & Werbel are dedicated to providing the most accurate, timely, and attentive service to our clients and our industry. They are an integral part of the service and support which we provide, doing so at levels which force all in the organization to strive to be the best. They are aggressive, smart, focused, and well trained in the Methfessel & Werbel philosophy. They are a part of Methfessel & Werbel not because we think they can simply support the organization, but because they are the people who will drive it to the next level.

Of Counsel