Methfessel & Werbel is proud to announce an exclusive agreement with iClaims™ Inc., the new business process outsourcing company dedicated to revolutionizing the claims industry by securely delivering all claim content and data to your desktop. By providing access to all documents gathered during the claim handling process, and useful, easy to utilize data reports, iClaims™ quickly becomes a critical tool in the claim handling process. M&W and its clients now have exclusive access to the iClaims™ system in the states of New York and New Jersey, providing a state of the art, cutting edge business process tool proven to provide significant cost savings to the claims enterprise while also differentiating its products from its competitors.

A few of the iClaims™ scenarios:

  • A large volume carrier in New Jersey subscribes to the iClaims system to control its claim activity and reduce legal expense. Each Wednesday the office pulls a report for all trials and settlement conferences scheduled for 1 week from the following Monday. The report is then given to the office”s Senior claim negotiator, who then sets about to contact all of the principals in an attempt to resolve the case. Access to the system gives the negotiator access not only to all of the attorneys claims notes, as well as the contact information for all participants in the case, but all of the documents gathered or generated during the course of the litigation process. Use of the system permits the carrier to conclude the case more quickly, and allows it to do so without incurring the expenses connected with counsels negotiation and appearance for the previously scheduled settlement conference or trial.
  • An excess & surplus lines carrier has a significant line of business written through an MGA located on the opposite coast. A third party administrator in a separate part of the country administers the claims. All three parties have a vested interest in monitoring the progress of all claims, and viewing first hand the discovery provided over the course of the case, to control the reserves and claim volume, as well as communicate to each other in a manner which provides for the exchange of ideas and instructions in a central repository easily accessed by all necessary parties. iClaims™ provides the business process which allows that to happen.
  • A national carrier has several regional claim offices. Home office periodically audits exposure files being handled on the regional level. iClaims™ permits home office to access the entire legal file at anytime, whether during an audit at the regional level, or in the home office. All appropriate personnel are automatically notified when there are additions to the file, whether in the form of documents (such as discovery material) or data such as newly scheduled dates or additional parties. The program saves thousands of dollars a year in travel expenses for the carrier, while enhancing the productivity of home office staff by reducing the need for travel.