Board of Ed. of Piscataway Tp. v. Caffiero, 86 N.J. 308, 431 A.2d 799 (1981)

Practice Areas: Appellate Practice, General Liability

School district brought actions against parents for injuries to school property caused by their children. The Superior Court, Law Division, Middlesex County, 159 N.J.Super. 347, 387 A.2d 1263, and the Superior Court, Law Division, Union County, held the statute upon which the actions were based unconstitutional. In consolidated appeals, the Superior Court, Appellate Division, 173 N.J.Super. 204, 413 A.2d 981, reversed, and leave to appeal was granted. The Supreme Court, Pashman, J., held that statute imposing vicarious liability on parents or guardian of pupil for injuries to school property caused by such pupil did not violate due process or equal protection and was thus constitutional.

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