D’Aurizio v. Palisades Park, 963 F.Supp. 378, 118 Ed. Law Rep. 921 (D.N.J., Apr 29, 1997) (D’Aurizio I)

Practice Areas: Employment Law, Public Entity and Civil Rights Litigation

In this Federal court matter, our firm represented the Board of Education of Palisades Park. A former school custodian sued borough and various individuals affiliated therewith, alleging that his termination was based upon his engaging in protected political activities, in violation of Sec. 1983, 1985 and 1986, New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD), and state law of tortious interference. The court held that the custodian did not establish that his political views were a substantial and/or motivating factor in his termination. The district court further held that they would not exercise jurisdiction over this matter because it involved state law claims and the defendant’s motion for summary judgment was granted.

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