Quenet v. Revolinsky, 290 N.J.Super. 698, 676 A.2d 622 (Law Div. 1995)

Practice Areas: General Liability

Estates of both victims of fatal condominium fire sued various persons and entities with respect thereto. Following summation, the defendants settled with representatives of one victim’s estate. Jury thereafter returned verdict finding electrical service company 55% responsible, shareholder and corporation, as owners, each 17.5% responsible, and victim whose estate did not settle 10% at fault. Posttrial disputes then arose. The Superior Court, Monmouth County, Law Division, O’Hagan, J.S.C., held that: (1) economic damages awarded to nonsettling plaintiff would be reduced by 10%; (2) defendants were not entitled to contribution from nonsettling plaintiff with respect to defendants’ settlement with coplaintiff; and (3) corporation was not liable for portion of fault attributed to shareholder.

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