M&W Case Alert – NJ Law Journal Publishes Harrison, Patel Article Regarding Third Circuit Precedential Opinion on Discipline for Social Media Misconduct

As debate rages over plans to return to school in New Jersey, the attention of educators, parents and their attorneys is naturally focused more on health and childcare than on the right of disgruntled high school cheerleaders to use profanity on Snapchat. Yet in the midst of the pandemic, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a precedential opinion in B.L. by Levy v. Mahanoy School District, which promises to have a significant impact on the discipline of public school students for their off-campus use of social media.  This week’s New Jersey Law Journal features commentary by M&W’s Kajal Patel and Eric Harrison on the significance of this decision, which is likely to result in policy and practice changes throughout the state when school reopens.

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