Case Alert – Appellate Division Bars Damages Based on Fraudulent Procurement of Out-Of-State Insurance for a Lower Premium


In October 2018 Gina Stanziale and Alicia Langone of Methfessel & Werbel represented the Insurance Council of New Jersey as amicus curiae in the matter of Jeffrey E. Scholes v. Stephen M. Hausmann and Kimberly Logan, in which the Appellate Division barred an award of damages to a plaintiff who admittedly procured out-of-state automobile insurance in order to obtain a lower premium.more

The Court found that although the injured plaintiff was insured in Florida, he was uninsured at the time of the accident for purposes of New Jersey insurance coverage. The plaintiff had lived in New Jersey for five years and garaged his vehicle in New Jersey yet his vehicle title, registration and insurance were procured in Florida and included a fictitious Florida address.  Read the full Case Alert here.

Case Alert – Appellate Division Accepts PIP Appeal Timeline Urged by M&W’s Michael Eatroff


Michael Eatroff of Methfessel & Werbel’s first party coverage team recently obtained a favorable ruling from the Appellate Division in Personal Service Insurance Company v. Relievus a/s/o Rachel Sackie.more

The Court clarified the options available to a party aggrieved by an erroneous arbitration ruling. A party need not choose between an internal administrative appeal and an appeal to the Superior Court. Rather, a party may pursue an internal appeal and, if dissatisfied with that result, appeal to the Superior Court within 45 days of the internal appeal decision.  Read the full Case Alert here.

Case Alert – M&W Partner Bill Bloom Called to Testify Before the Senate Commerce Committee on Senate Bill 2432


Bill Bloom, a partner and practice manager of Methfessel & Werbel’s South Jersey liability team, testified last week on behalf of the insurance industry in opposition to Senate Bill 2432.more

The proposed bill would erode New Jersey’s system of “no fault” auto insurance by allowing plaintiffs who selected PIP limits below $250,000 to recover form Tortfeasors any medical bills exceeding their chosen PIP limits.  Read the full Case Alert here.

Case Alert – M&W Partner Gina Stanziale Called to Testify Before the New Jersey Commerce Committee on Senate Bill 2144


Gina Stanziale, a partner at Methfessel & Werbel, testified in April 2018 on behalf of the insurance industry in opposition to Senate Bill 2144.more

The bill, christened by the plaintiffs’ attorney who sponsored it as the “New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act,” would permit a claimant to file a civil action against an insurer for 1) unreasonable delay or unreasonable denial of a claim for payment of benefits under an insurance policy; or 2) any act or omission in violation of the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, regardless of whether such act or omission demonstrates a general business practice prohibited by the UCSPA. Upon establishing a violation of the “Insurance Fair Conduct Act,” the plaintiff would be entitled to not only actual damages, but also treble damages, attorney fees and costs.  Read the full Case Alert here.