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  • M&W Named Insurance Law Litigation Department of the Year

    April 7, 2014

    Methfessel & Werbel Named Insurance Law Litigation Department of the Year by the New Jersey Law Journal

     The firm marks over 40 years serving the Insurance and Risk Industry by receiving the prestigious award recognizing its excellence and impact in the fields of first party, third party  and subrogation work.

     Edison, N.J. – April 7, 2014 – The New Jersey Law Journal has named Methfessel & Werbel the New Jersey legal community’s 2014 Litigation Department of the Year. The award comes as the firm enters its 43rd year serving the Insurance and Risk Industry.

    “Methfessel and Werbel was established in 1972 with one objective – to serve the needs of the Insurance and Risk industry,” stated Joel Werbel, co-founder of the firm. “Over the years we have had a significant influence on the development of insurance law in the State of New Jersey, with seminal decisions by the N.J. Supreme Court and Appellate Division in the areas of general liability, insurance coverage, bad faith, environmental law, and subrogation, to name just a few. We have built a team that is as deep and talented as any Insurance Litigation team in the country, and we are particularly proud that they have been recognized by the Law Journal for their excellent work. We also appreciate the incredible support and loyalty that we’ve enjoyed from our clients, some of whom have been clients for a short time, and some of whom have been with us since we opened our doors on May 1, 1972.”

    The firm’s impact on the development of law affecting insurance carriers in New Jersey over the past 40 years is readily apparent. Hundreds of cases litigated by M&W have culminated in written opinions at all levels in New Jersey, including appellate and trial courts and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. The firm has been a party to over 150 published appellate decisions in state and federal courts, as well as several hundred unpublished decisions. For a firm that specializes in litigation from pleadings and discovery through trial, the firm handles an unusual volume of appellate work. In 2012, for example, M&W prosecuted or defended 25 cases at the appellate level — more than most firms see in a five year period.

    “Our team deserves this award, and we are thrilled the Law Journal has recognized them,” said co-Managing Partner John Methfessel. “No team works harder to deliver results and value to our clients day in and day out. Their focus and dedication is incredible; frankly, it’s an honor to work with them every day.”

    Methfessel & Werbel is one of the longest standing, stable firms in New Jersey. Founded in 1972, the firm has grown steadily to its present size of 48 attorneys, and was most recently noted to be the 40th largest firm in New Jersey by N.J. Biz Magazine. The firm has never been known by any other name. It was created to serve the insurance industry, and while it has expanded its reach to serve large self-insured entities, captives, and the like, it has never strayed from its sole mission of excellence in civil trial litigation. The attorneys of the firm are all trial attorneys. Some practice in the area of general liability, but many are specialists within fields unique to the managed risk industry and the industries they serve. Many regularly present legal educations seminars across the state.

    “Without the loyalty of our clients and friends in the industry this award wouldn’t have been possible,” added co-Managing Partner Matt Werbel. “We are thankful that they place their trust and confidence in M&W, and we work hard every day to earn it and keep it.”

    The firm has enjoyed steady growth since its inception, and in October of 2013 relocated to its larger present headquarters in Edison, N.J.


    About Methfessel & Werbel

    Methfessel & Werbel was established in 1972 to serve the needs of the Insurance and Managed Risk Industry. Our team of 48 attorneys and approximately 50 support staff pursues excellence with integrity in its mission to serve our clients every day. To learn more, visit the company’s website @ www.njinslaw.com


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    John Methfessel