M&W Signs the Pledge for Change

January 11, 2016

Methfessel & Werbel is proud to announce that we have become a signatory to the Pledge for Change, promoted by the American Bar Association’s Commission on Disability Rights. The Pledge affirms M&W’s commitment to diversity, specifically disability diversity, and recognizes that diversity is in the best interest of the legal profession, those the profession serves, as well as our firm. The Pledge also announces that we will encourage others in the legal industry to make this commitment. In addition to our taking the Pledge, M&W is a proud member of the New Jersey Law Firm Group, a collection of New Jersey law firms committed to promoting inclusiveness and diversity in the New Jersey Bar. M&W recognizes that diversity and inclusion are vitally important to our industry in general and society as a whole, and we continue to make every effort to further the goal of becoming representative of the population we serve. To learn more about the ABA’s Pledge for Change, visit http://www.americanbar.org/groups/disabilityrights/initiatives_awards/pledge_for_change.html. To learn more about the New Jersey Law Firm Group, visit http://www.njlawfirmgroup.org/.