Gina Stanziale Promoted to Co-Attorney Manager of the Property Team

April 7, 2016

Methfessel & Werbel is excited to announce that Gina Stanziale has been promoted to Co-Attorney Manager of the Property Team. Gina and Marc Dembling will be Co-Attorney Managers, responsible for leading the team and coordinating with clients in the investigation and adjustment of first party property claims.

Gina has been with Methfessel & Werbel for her entire career. Over the time she has been at M&W she has handled virtually every type of case in every area that the firm serves. She has placed herself in a position of leadership by mentoring others – in particular, new attorneys with less experience in the defense of both first and third party property work – and by earning the confidence of our clients with the consistent service that has come to be M&W’s hallmark. Gina is a welcome addition to the leadership structure of our firm