Subrogation is one of the cornerstones of our practice. We aggressively handle subrogation cases with the aim of expeditiously maximizing our clients’ net recoveries. When handling subrogation efforts on your behalf, we believe that, as your business partner, it is our responsibility to identify any and all recovery opportunities, while also resolving all matters in the most economic and efficient manner. We strive to make certain expenses are appropriate and necessary, and only incurred on matters with a meaningful potential for recovery.

We have a Subrogation Department, that includes attorneys and claims professionals dedicated solely to subrogation, which quickly moves cases to recovery, via negotiated settlement or arbitration, mediation, and/or trial. Our Subrogation Department regularly generates automated data reports that provide the status of all open and closed files in one consolidated report. With over 50 years of experience, we are geared toward both individualized handling of large property losses, as well as representing a high volume of auto and smaller real and personal property losses through an advanced workflow system that moves these cases quickly to conclusion.

For larger losses, our subrogation team employs programs such as the Accelerated Investigation Program (AIP), which commits us to involvement in the loss at the carrier’s earliest opportunity. Our network of experts, both for liability and damages, assists us in immediately responding to and maximizing recoveries for our clients, regardless of when or where the claim may arise or require our attention. Through immediate involvement, by directing the investigation, retaining the correct experts and addressing adverse notification and evidence preservation issues, we increase the chance for recovery while avoiding the spoliation issues which often plague subrogation cases. We exclusively represent insurance industry clients which eliminates the possibility of conflicts arising from the representation of product manufacturers and distributors or other potentially adverse parties. We are highly regarded as one of the leading subrogation firms in the Northeast, and our reputation as aggressive trial attorneys consistently leads to the highest and best settlement results on behalf of our clients.

Representative Published Cases: