Fraud/Arson/Special Investigation

A fraud/SIU practice must be aggressive, tough and focused. Ours has the reputation of an industry leader. Legal skills alone will not make an effective fraud specialist. Rather, we do the detective work needed to succeed in fully investigating and evaluating the claim. Whether the referral occurs because of the suspicious nature of the claim, inflated damages or possible misrepresentation in the application, we work closely with the company’s SIU department and with outside investigators to determine the validity of the claim. We look at each and every claim on its own merits; we do not follow a pattern checklist, but rather delve deeply into each aspect of the claim. One of our most valuable tools is the examination under oath of the insured. Our rigorous internal training program ensures that our attorneys are well versed in the proper techniques to successfully conduct an EUO. As a result, we are often in a position, by the conclusion of the EUO, to make a final recommendation as to the disposition of the claim. Frequently our investigative work prompts voluntary withdrawal of the claim in the face of potential civil or criminal liability under state fraud statutes.

Representative Published Cases: