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Seminar: Workers Compensation/Commercial Liability

March 18, 2011

Marc Dembling¬†presented a seminar for ICLE on March 18th regarding Workers Compensation/Commercial Liability – Unexpected Exposures…

News Archive: January 2011

January 31, 2011

Trial Results: January 2011

Bill Bloom tried a negligent supervision case in Camden County in February of this year. Plaintiff, a 6th grader at the time, claimed that while unsupervised in gym class, he attempted to leg press six hundred …

Seminar: Emerging Issues in Insurance Law

January 15, 2011

Marc Dembling¬†¬†presented a seminar for ICLE on January 15th regarding Emerging Issues in Insurance law (January 2011)…

M&W Named in International Survey of Top Law Firms

July 31, 2005

M&W has been named in an international survey of top insurance law firms on the United States. Reactions magazine’s Legal Survey 2005″ identified the top insurance law firms in the United States and Europe. The article identified the winners, the …