Environmental & Toxic Tort Litigation

The litigation of environmental and toxic tort claims at Methfessel & Werbel has increased dramatically in recent years. We have successfully implemented our philosophy of economical claim handling in this area, which is traditionally one of the most dangerous areas of litigation in terms of cost-control. In doing so we have placed our clients at a considerable tactical advantage over other litigants whose counsel do not operate with the same level of efficiency.

Early intervention has been one of the keys to our success in this area. We are often called during the early stages of a loss to assist in the investigation and to act as a liaison between the carrier, the property owner, regulatory authorities and claimants. This approach has also made possible the identification and pursuit of other potential responsible parties.

Whether the loss involves chemicals, petroleum, lead, latex, asbestos, or mold, we have the expertise to handle the issues that arise on either 1st or 3rd party claims.

Representative Published Cases: